21/06/2010 - random panamanian fishermen

This morning’s watch was interesting, the fishing boats we had seen on the previous watch were back in force and we received a message over the radio referencing our latitude and longitude.  I was called to communicate with the mother ship who was surprisingly courteous and had a clear and intelligible voice without much of an accent who wanted to know our course as he couldn’t see our nav lights (strange as we had just passed him), when we confirmed he let us know that his fleet was fishing with long lines and to pass to the north if possible, but if we were under sail, then no problem.  I confirmed and we closed our conversation with a “Buenas noches”,..  It’s nice to feel useful! J

Paul almost went over in the exact spot I did the day before on the quarterdeck and I also learnt that Sophie took 3 tumbles the day before and one nasty one in particular exactly where I had gone down, so we decided to wash the quarterdeck down with soapy water,.. nice to know I’m not the only clumsy bastard!

Juan Pedro the Booby has disappeared,… hope Donald hasn’t put him in a stew!!

On lookout today I decided that flying fish fly in a swarm, not a flock! (see 28/05/2010).  Shawn disagrees as he considers this too “insecty”,.. but that’s exactly what they look like

We discovered that we are making almost no headway and are heading almost exactly west, so all sails were taken in and we motored for a large part of the day, however this afternoon we set all sails and our course was “full and bye” once again,… who knows when we are actually going to arrive in Galapagos,.. I’m guessing Thursday…

So yet again Neptune’s revenge on the pollywogs has been delayed… George is also trying to figure out ways to get the shellbacks back… not sure she’s going to get anything though!  Maybe we’ll cross tomorrow,.. but at the current heading, I doubt it!


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