20/06/2010 - Getting Nervous,.. 0º is getting close!

I was woken this morning to find “He knows where you sleep” written on the mirror in the bathroom,… Neptune fever has gripped the ship as random and sinister messages from King Neptune have been found in a number of different areas on board,.. even in Georgie’s bunk, “snip, snip” (in relation to her hair, which she is terrified of losing) was written across the top… either the pro-crew have way too much time on their hands or King Neptune really is very determined and has the combined forced entry abilities of Father Christmas, the tooth fairy’s ability to get really close to you while you sleep and Freddie Krueger’s Malhumour and evil tendencies!

We should have reached the equator today and had the “crossing the line” ceremony, but as it happens, the wind didn’t turn as we expected and instead of being able to maintain a steady south westerly course we were forced to head west as we were sailing instead of motoring.

Early this afternoon we picked up an unlikely hitchhiker, Juan Pedro (or Bobby for short) the Booby,.. he seems very at home perched mere centimetres from people and unlike our other hitchhikers, actually seems quite healthy,.. he has been seen fishing and flying so hopefully he is just catching a lift to the galapagos, and will not go the way of Barry the Bat, Dave the bird and the other bird who disappeared before we had a chance to name him!.. Juan Pedro does have red feet though, so probably not a blue-footed booby!  Booby jokes have abounded today!

A small pod of very large pilot whales passed our stern today, their short stubby noses and curved dorsal fins were instantly recognizable and reminded me of my time with Proyecto Ambiental Tenerife when I was studying their behaviour and building a photo library to identify the different individuals… these Pacific guys were significantly larger than the ones I used to study though!

A brief workshop on sail theory taught us about how square rigged sail ships could head up to wind, close haul and the closest that they can sail is “Full and By”,.. i.e. making sure the sails are full of wind and by the wind and heading up just before they luff.

Fell over again this morning,.. wasn’t even hurrying,.. my feet just slid out from under me…. God knows why!!!  I think Neptune is just playing with me.

Fingers crossed we will reach the equator tomorrow,.. hard to believe that we are this close to the equator and it is relatively chilly, had to wear a shirt today for the first time sailing since before panama!  If we reach the equator then we will have the “crossing the line” ceremony for sure,.. I really just want to get it over with now,.. getting bored of all the hype!!

People are rebelling against the shellbacks, this afternoon, they all came out with protective masks on,… in an attempt to make them look silly, I then found the stash and painted amusing faces on them,.. let’s see if we can get them to wear them!

Jehlie wants to start a rebel movement,.. and there was a bro-meeting to evaluate the proposition,.. Bro-words invented so far: (any of the vaguely homosexual-esque words are made immediately manly and hetero by the mere addition of “bro” anywhere in the word.

Brobation: When you are on probation to become either a Bro or an honorary Bro ej. Jehle is still on Brobation

Brocabulary: Verbiage used by and in relation to “Bros”.

Broment: A moment of intimacy between two or more bro’s. Ej. Dan and Liam shared a broment over a beer

Brotograph: A photo of bros

Bro-date: Often comes before a broment, normally in a bar or pub

Brodeo: A bro-meeting normally organized in advance

Bromance: When 2 bros get close

Bromittee meeting: A meeting of Bro’s normally in the bro-cave

Brodacious: When something is awesome

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