19/06/2010 - Ridiculous facial hair

Good nights sleep,.. not raining as I woke up!

Holy stoning,.. Leonard wondered if the way you holy stoned in any way reflected the way you had sex, both Leonard and I were slow and methodical covering a larger area, whereas Fred used very quick short strokes… honestly, I hope I never find out!!

Since we figure we’re going to get shaved tomorrow anyway, some of the guys decided to have a “ridiculous beard” contest,.. I had only not shaved for a couple of days, so mine wasn’t nearly as impressive as the others, but you can judge for yourself by the photos!

Everyone sick with “panama flu”,.. George was apparently the first to get it (we assume off some dodgy Panamanian fella!) and it is now doing the rounds, the ship is a virus’ heaven, lots of hot, sweaty, damp, moist people within spitting distance of each other 24 hours a day…  fingers crossed I avoid this particular sinus bug!

Donald’s birthday today, so he was given the day off,.. the girls on galley came through and created a great lunch, dinner and baked enough birthday cake for Donald to sate 52 appetites,.. go bat girls!

We took what could be potentially the last foto of all the bro’s with hair,.. new word: brotograph!

During captain’s workshop on long splicing (which we all got wrong!) there was a shout of FISH ON!! I legged it to the aloha deck where Mate Mike had just got to the rod before me… get the Gaff he shouted, I grabbed the hook and waited to see the enormous fish that the bent rod indicated was thrashing about on the other end!... from the distance it was hard to tell what sort of fish it was, it didn’t seem to give much of a fight and actually seemed to skip along the surface,.. it was yellow and seemed to be already dead… get Shawn to bring it in, they yelled,.. Shawn reeled in the strange animal and as it got closer, it was easy to tell that it wasn’t actually an animal, but a canvas bag!  It appears Neptune has sent us a message!!  Shawn reeled it in and opened the sand filled bag.. (input message).  We are 1º 45’ from the equator, it appears that Neptune has something horrible planned for us pollywogs…. Tomorrow we’ll discover our fate!!

The trainees are all gossiping about what will happen tomorrow… some of the girls are terrified, others indifferent, the guys are mostly resolved to accept whatever fate King Neptune bestows upon us!


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