12/06/2010 - A quiet night in!

Watch started with me a little on the quiet side as I waited for the hangover to dissipate, which was surprisingly mild, and spent the morning hanging on the headrig painting the non-white bits white and the red bits red..

The waitress Lucimar turned up mid afternoon with 2 friends for the tour we had agreed and I have never seen 3 people more excited about seeing the ship, between the three of them they must have taken 100 photos and were fascinated by all the different elements of the ship, unfortunately we had just oiled the quarterdeck so they weren’t able to go up to the wheel, I promised them they could come back a few days later.

Our watch had agreed that there was to be absolutely no drinking on duty (personally I was surprised we were able to drink at all on watch) and so the evening was spent quietly watching Happy Gilmore on the hatch.  Thank God!


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