30/05/2010 - Bonaire and Birthday Celebrations

Another southerly wind day!

Just as Sophie started her morning motivation speech to get us started on our daily duties we intervened and presented her with her presents,.. a t-shirt we had made in Anguilla with her favourite phrase “Hydrate or Die” on the back, and signed by the whole watch including mate mike and a “birthday princess” hat,.. she was made up with the t-shirt and proceeded to wear it for the majority of the morning,.. she didn’t want to get it too dirty so changed into her normal work gear after a few minutes, but I think she genuinely loved it!… preparations for arrival in Bonaire were in full force and we spent a large chunk of the watch bringing up lines from the chain locker.

True to the captain’s word we arrived in Bonaire at lunchtime,.. however being a Sunday, there was almost nothing open… we trekked around the main town of Kralendijk, sweated and stopped for a much needed beer.   At which point we noticed a rather sweaty Niko cycling round and round the block we were on,… once we stopped him and asked what he was doing we pointed him in the correct direction for the supermarket where he had been sent by Donald and off he trundled!

We discovered a dive shop and spent a few minutes organizing the dive trips for the qualified and introductory dives for the non-qualified divers,… between watches and qualification, it was pretty complicated, but worked out well!  In total 16 of the crew were going diving!

At the dive shops recommendation a few of us headed up to Playa, a posh beach resort about 10 minutes walk from the dock.. it had a beautiful beach, a bar and music,.. everything we required and looked like it was going to get busy later on,… it didn’t!  We chilled there and ate till 10.30 ish and after an unsuccessful attempt to chat to some dutch people at the bar we headed home with one more drink on the way.


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