27/05/2010 - Leaving Anguilla and Interesting haircuts

We were to leave Anguilla today, so everyone had to be on board by lunchtime, everyone was on time and one person in particular drew interested stares as he climbed on board from the skiff,.. “Clark, what the hell happened?” was the general question. Initially it just looked like Clark had parted his hair in a new way, but on closer inspection it was obvious that a large strip of hair had been removed from one side of his thick head of hair,.. “Via was cutting my hair and the trimmer slipped” he mused dejectedly!!  It did actually look quite cool, if a little “gangsta” for the normally soft-spoken Clark!

The 8-12 was on watch all day until we left, but as we ended up leaving at 15h, we discovered that we had pulled the short straw as not only were we on duty all day until about 4, we were also back on duty at 20h until 24h.

The morning was spent doing ship work, painting, rust-busting etc and we were all desperate for a swim call! But no such luck and my heart sank as I was told to de-rig the swing-rope

We had our first real “weigh anchor” experience and the windlass was pretty hard work, everyone gave it a go and we were 2 shots up in no time!

As we motored away from “sandy Ground” and Anguilla the squalls yet again began and by the time we were back on watch it was fouly weather once again,.. I couldn’t believe yet again we had got squalls – our watch had become known as the “Squall Watch”!

On night watch we couldn’t believe that mere hours before we had been sweating and cursing the heat and here we were wearing foulies and although not yet cold,… not far off!


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