23/05/2010 - Tuna

I actually had to be woken up this morning,.. I woke at 6 when the generator was started, but swiftly fell back to sleep, the next thing I knew it was 7.15 and Alex was waking me up for breakfast!!  The first time I had ever been woken up since I arrived, I must have been wiped over the last few days!

As I emerged from the salon I knew something was different, there was more light on the hatch, I looked up to see all the sails furled and then I noticed the wind had turned pretty much southerly and we were motoring into the wind,.. and towards Anguilla.

Since it is Sunday there is no ship work and as we were motoring, there was little or no sail handling… so to amuse ourselves we resorted to watch yoga, stretching exercises, reading weather textbooks, and trying to find out what Anguilla had to offer! The “squally bits” however were still around and we fell into one that soaked everyone and was more akin to a small storm than a squall, at one point the rain was coming down horizontally!  It was not shortly after this while I was at helm that we heard the rod clicking,… “Fish ON” I yelled,… I heard Shawn try desperately to reel it in as Mike shot out of the Chart house,… he quickly put the ship into neutral and everyone (except for me as I was on helm!!) ran down to the aloha deck to see Shawn reel in a beautiful bluefin Tuna,… on my line!!!  Dammit!!  However, this little catch was also deemed too small and was also thrown back,.. not even a fifth of a Bob!  Beautiful fish though, its shiny skin glistening and the deep blue colours reflecting the sunlight ,.. soon we’ll catch one that is worth keeping! Just typical that it was my line and I couldn’t leave the helm!!

Captain gave us a quick talk about Anguilla this afternoon on the quarterdeck… typically the rod fired up halfway through and Shawn and I both bolted for the Aloha Deck at the same time!


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