19/05/2010 - Tired!

Damn these early mornings,.. I woke up at 07.10 today,..  exhausted, I really need to get those baggy wankers to stop in the afternoons so I can get an extra hours sleep.  I worked it out, on land I need just over 6hours sleep, here however, with the sun, wind, exertion etc I think I probably need an extra hour,.. however, we finish shift at 00.10, probably get to sleep 00.30 then sleep till 07h so that gives us 6hrs 30,.. and most nights we are woken by the shift change at 04h… I estimate we need about 2 more hours in the afternoon to be able to function correctly,.. damn those baggy wankers!!

I suppose on the positive side, the commute is only 30secs!!

I was on deck about 20 minutes this morning before I took another tumble,..  this is getting ridiculous,.. I was just walking along, and suddenly my feet disappeared out from under me,.. I felt like I actually took off (although it was probably more due to the boat dropping thanks to a wave), hovered in mid-air for a bit and then dropped with a thud to the deck,.. landed pretty well, but my rig got caught just under my hip,… damn that smarts,.. it’s going to hurt tomorrow!  Have decided to try Joanie’s “toe clenching” technique,.. apparently just clenching your toes makes you tense your core muscles and maintains your centre of gravity,.. worth a shot!!

The morning was spent on the headrig again rust-busting,.. we are still motoring into the wind and therefore the swell, I was balanced on the chains holding out the headrig and got more than a couple of soakings as the bow ploughed deep into the oncoming waves…. I still feel a bit nauseous when I concentrate looking down on one thing for too long,.. I wonder how long this will last,.. would have thought I’d have got my sea-legs by now,.. especially given that I have never been seasick before!  Mind you, I have probably been focussing on this due to Brad being incessantly sick over the side again,.. apparently he now thinks he has a sinus infection and the doc gave him some antibiotics to help,.. hope it does, they have started another “hours since brad has vomited”  countdown on the bro-cave notice board!

There are more and more flying fish,.. these little spitfire-like creatures skim across the surface of the water away from us and at a guess, I reckon they can cover 30metres easily without effort,.. fascinating animals,..

I wish I had a marine guide here, the realization that we are without internet is more acute when you want to find information,.. we are so used to having answers at our fingertips that we forget how much work it used to be to find out the answers to all our questions!

We are now 500 miles from our Caribbean passage and 1100 miles from the coast of Florida… can’t wait until we see some vestige of land,..

Nightwatch was uneventful as we are still motoring, but Sophie decided that we were going to find out interesting things about each other… we heard from Lorraine, Joanie, brad, Dan,.. strangely enough I wasn’t asked for an interesting fact about myself, I think I talk too much and everybody already knows my dirty little secrets!

Couldn’t wait for bed,…


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