02/06/2010 - Green Knight vs. Orange skins

Morning watch was pretty uneventful and consisted mainly of wandering around the deck and trying to figure out what went on the previous night from analysing where people where sleeping, who was sleeping in the proximity of who and who was missing!  Deciding that it was too late at 6 to go back to bed I decided to get on the internet again and try to download the emails again,.. finally success, that is until Eveline (whose internet I was stealing) obviously woke up and logged on, kicking me off!

The morning was spent preparing to set sail, lashing things down, lashing objects in the hold and cleaning up ready for the off,….  One of the tasks we were given was to clean the hull of the rubber and paint marks left by the “bumpers” on the docks where they pressed against the hull,.. after 20 minutes of endless scrubbing we were getting frustrated with the uselessness of the cleaning products we were using, then it struck me, we had been told that green knight used citric acid and for that reason we had to use gloves and safety glasses,.. what else uses citric acid,… well oranges of course, so what better way to determine the effectiveness of green knight against its key ingredient than to use orange skins,.. once scored the orange skins were fantastic,.. admittedly they didn’t get everything off, but they really made a dent in the blue paint that had rubbed off on our hull! Mythbusters eat your heart out!

We were informed by the captain that we were going to sail off the dock which is meant to be quite tricky, but the wind was blowing perfectly and although I didn’t see it personally (I was too busy pulling on lines and generally running about), I was told by Brad (who was stranded on dock for a few minutes) that it looked very professional and impressive,.. even got a good picture of it!

En route once again to Panama (for the 5th time!) we were all on duty until lunch and the doc finally had a good look at Niko’s ankle which was still about double its normal size, she decided that it may have a small fracture and if it was still in a bad way that he should get an x-ray in Panama.  This afternoon we noticed a sign pinned to the scuttle,.. “Seamanship Derby, coming soon!”… this perplexed most trainees as we had absolutely no idea what a seamanship derby is and neither did our Ab’s…


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