30/04/2010 - Zebroid Abandoned

Today I awoke feeling pretty shit still, but dosed up and carried on as normal,.. we had the man overboard drill where everyone was explained their roles according to the station bill (I am on “sail handling” which means I have to be attentive to what we are told and basically trim the sales accordingly). 


I spent the majority of the windiest day yet painting white lines onto 2 steps, which instantly got covered in flying crap and required repainting,… I felt like I was painting the San Francisco bridge where as soon as you finish one end you have to start again on the other,.. except on a much smaller scale! Bloody frustrating, but they ended up looking alright!


The Bat Cave on Picton was finally finished and the girls finally moved out of the leaky “Hotel Zebroid”.  I should at this point explain how the trainee living arrangements on board are organized; at the front of the ship (the bow) we have the “Bro-Cave” i.e. the forepeak, this is a triangular room where the “younger” males are kept (8 bunks), the salon in the middle of the ship (midships – more or less) is where the more mature trainees live (18 bunks) (myself included – although I have been adorned with the title of H.B. – Honorary Bro!), then in the (back) aft of the ship there is the “Bat Cave”, this is another more or less triangular cabin where the younger female trainees live (8 bunks).  Now this little group of females is an interesting group of various ages between 19 and 26 who seem to spend the majority of their time giggling infectiously about pretty much anything that crops up in conversation.  You can hear them from almost every corner of the ship!  It’s great that everyone gets on so well, people just seem to have fallen into getting on with each other, I hope it lasts!


Was working aloft again today furling the sales, and in the wind it was quite an experience, I really forgot about being aloft and enjoyed the challenge of being blown about metres above the deck.


Mike (mate) had forecast fine weather so we could dry the sails, however he got it wrong and it hailed again instead.  He mentioned that tomorrow should be fine so we can dry the sails


Everyone is preparing for the Marlinspike wedding tomorrow, since no-one has any idea what to expect it is certainly going to be an interesting experience!


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