08/05/2010 - Cold and wet

Miserable bloody weather, cold, wet and rainy, the captain was right, thank god we didn’t leave today.  I dedicated a large part of the day to lashing (tying) everything that’s loose to solid objects so they won’t roll around once we’re at sea,..  Once again we were sent to the warehouse to lift more stuff up to the 3rd floor, I am getting a little bored of transporting stuff the 450m from the warehouse!  Especially since half the stuff seems to end up back there!!


At 17.30h while the rain lashed down outside the Captain gave us a briefing on the first part of the voyage down to Panama, a review of the general weather patterns and his thoughts on how the first few weeks will be.  Essentially it is going to be bloody miserable, colder than in Lunenburg and very hard work until we get down as far as Bermuda (unfortunately not going to stop off this time).  He really doesn’t like “yachties” even the round the world yachtsmen didn’t escape his venom as they sail round near Antarctica and complete the journey in 18000 miles, however the circumference of the world is 25000 ,.. we’ll do it in about 30000 miles


Quiz night at the Banker tonight, won again, getting a bit tedious now,.. we win every time! Although admittedly we do normally have a team of between 6 and 12 people!!!

Jimmy's best side!

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