07/05/2010 - Not leaving yet!

You would have thought that the day before setting sail we would have been given boat-important tasks to carry out,.. but no, today I was shanghaied to empty the Captain’s lock-up and to transport everything to the 3rd floor of the warehouse, now I don’t know what it is about sailors, maybe something to do with treasure-envy, but they all seem to be hoarders!  The captain is certainly no exception! He had some fascinating objects, yet at the same time some things that really could have been thrown away a long time ago,.. a toilet door being one of them????


I was playing with horrible puns all day and decided that if anyone asked me what I had been doing that morning I would respond by saying that I had jumped into the Itchy Pussy (the ship’s truck) and messed around with the Captain’s junk,…  take it as you will!!!


Today has been very blowy, and at lunch we were informed that due to a nasty low hanging over Nova Scotia that the powers that be had decided that we were to leave on Monday as 35-50mph winds were not conducive to a pleasant start to the journey, although disappointed it does mean that we now have a couple more days in Lunenburg to prepare for the voyage.


The afternoon was mostly spent taking all the captain’s stuff up to the 3rd floor and we were then surprised by being asked to take a truck full of books that had been transported to the ship, back to the warehouse,…. Frustrating to say the least!


We transported one of the boats from the Dory shop to the ship, as only half the boat fit on the truck half of the shift had to sit on the bow and the others walking the stern didn’t fall off…  Mike obviously wanted to get it transported as quickly as possible as he made the walkers run most of the way!


My first night on watch and I am absolutely exhausted this evening,.. I have been told that this might have something to do with the fact that I have been working my arse off


Watch at 23h flew past, spent the hour with one of the Abs explaining the different elements of the watch, correct handover procedure, checking the weather, sea state, the dock, the deck and then an internal ship check… the next watch relieved us on the dot and I crawled into bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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