06/05/2010 - First night of shifts!

Spent the morning transporting children’s books for the township school in South Africa to the dock again, at the moment it seems like all we do is transport huge amounts of stuff from one side of Lunenburg to the other, I am sure it will all be worth it in the end, but I did catch a glimpse of a “why the hell are we doing all this” look on the Mate’s face this morning,.. and the captain continues to mention the Pitcairn Islander’s requirement for lawnmowers and commented that last time he was there they had goats, and what was wrong with those?!


First night of shifts last night and I was dutifully woken every hour by someone attempting to make sure everyone was safe and sleeping soundly by waking us all up!  With all respect all the shiftees attempted to be as quiet as possible whilst doing the hourly ship check, but I am a pretty light sleeper and some people have very loud boots.  It was amusing to hear people trying to wake the next watch up without waking everyone else up,… the “wake up” name calling developed from hardly audible murmurs, into loud husky whispers and finally into what can only be described at 4 am as banshee wailing as certain trainees refused to wake up!


Everyone was frantically packing the ship and we now have almost 3 complete suits of sails, 19 tonnes of fuel (enough for about 20 days of motoring), 14 lawnmowers, assorted gifts and requested products, about a tonne of children’s books, hundreds of Picton Castle t-shirts and caps (for trading and as gifts) and 44 nervous trainees!

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