Prologue Pt XII

I can’t believe I leave tomorrow, the last few months have all been leading up to this trip and although I have tried to make sure I have everything ready, I still don’t feel properly prepared, mentally or physically.

Although I have travelled before, I have never had to think, in advance, of everything I might need for an entire year and, now I am slightly more mature, the added complication of potential issues with bank accounts, tax declarations, tenants defaulting, problems with properties and other nondescript potential disasters.  Normally these issues can be overcome easily via the Internet and the odd costly phone call… not this time!

I have tried to anticipate every potential issue; leave enough money in various bank accounts to cover potential shortfalls for mortgage payments, anticipate rises in interest rates, ensure my folks have power of attorney in case of any accident, ensure my will is up to date etc… until I had to put in order every aspect of my life I never realized how complicated it really was!  At least now everything is organized (or so I hope).

I feel I have packed enough equipment to rival Edmund Hilary,.. and even so, it still fits rather neatly into 2 medium sized bags!... my life for the next 14 months fits into 2 medium sized bags (and there’s even space left over!)… that’s an interesting concept!

I have already liaised with 4 other crew members en route to The Picton Castle; we are all meeting in Halifax tomorrow and sharing a taxi to Lunenberg.  It is going to be interesting meeting all these new faces from different areas in the world. Through my travels in Spain, Ghana and South Africa, I have made friends from all over the world, however what I am a little concerned about is the fact that I am going to be forced to share a 55 x 6m boat with them, my only means of escape.. an active imagination, my ipod and when I’m asleep!

So now the trip really begins,… for those of you bored by the constant talk of preparations, we now have 3 weeks in Lunenberg and will be setting sail for Panama on the 1st May!
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