Prologue Pt XI

10 days of catching up with friends is really taking its toll,.. I am exhausted after 4 consecutive nights out (and I am expected to go out again tonight too!).  I thought the leaving parties in Ghana were heavy, but back in blighty I have had my benchmarks reset.  My liver feels like it is about to pack up, my energy levels have dropped through the floor, my vision is blurry, it hurts when I think (more so than normal!), and the kilos I lost before leaving Ghana are back with reinforcements thanks to a diet that has reads like a who’s who of fast food magnates and probably contains more chemicals than the average household bleach!

Really looking forward to life on board.. I can’t handle this anymore!!

I have however managed to see almost all the friends I wanted to (even if only for 15 minutes in one case!) and can now leave happy in the knowledge that I have completed my social obligations for the next 14 months!

I think I have got pretty much everything I need for the trip now, I spent a small fortune on a fantastic offshore foul weather jacket (which I justified by saving money on some 2nd hand offshore trousers), I got a backup head torch, I have completed my tax return (which oscillates between 90 quid and 2 and a half thousand depending on how flexible I am with my residency status!), my “waterproof” camera is en route back from Olympus where it had to be sent when it turned out it wasn’t quite as waterproof as advertised (I’ll be taking a backup camera on the trip!) all that is left now is to pick up a wide array of Ziploc bags and I’m good to go.  Can’t believe there is less than a week to go.
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