22/04/2010 - On Watch

Average temp.  13ºC

As I write this I am perched on the edge of the fo’c’sle (shiptalk for “forecastle” i.e. the bit at the front of the ship) just after being told by Clark that there may be a wireless connection up here to the pub we go to (that’s how close we are!),…. And he was right! Only 2 bars, but it means that while I am “on watch” I can also be up here connected!  I just heard some splashes behind me and as I turned I saw our otter friend from the other day playing around in the water between the two docks (well, I assume it was him, I’m not too hot on otter identification!).  The sun is just setting over Lunenburg as I go over the events of the day in my head.


It was actually relatively relaxing, on galley duty today again so up early to prepare everything, unfortunately it also meant that we were busy doing indoors stuff most of the day.  Despite this, we were also able to make use of the beautiful day, with most people stripping down to t-shirts it got so hot, we still spent plenty of time painting, hauling, climbing and learning as well as making sure the meals were ready on time, that Donald’s famous fried chicken was cooked through and everything was cleaned away and made “well” (ship talk for “good”) before the end of our shift.


The Picton is beginning to look really nice (and I thought she looked impressive beforehand!), we’ve painted the port side, the galley and the charthouse and the rigging is almost complete with the Gallant and Royal yards (top-sail wood thingys that hold the sails out for non-sailing-types) going up tomorrow.


I realised that there are 2 more or less distinct groups on the boat; one made up of the 18-25 yr olds, then a big jump to the early 40s-50s group, there are barely 4 people in my group between these 2 demographics.  I am trying to figure out why that would be. I guess most people my age are beginning to settle down, whereas those under 25 are still free enough to travel the world for a year before looking for a career, and those over 45 are perhaps looking for a change in direction, have gone through a breakup and looking for a fresh start or maybe just fancied going away for a year after making enough money to afford it!  Whichever, everyone here has as much right to be here as anyone else and I am still amazed at the amount of philanthropic behaviour that everyone demonstrates here…. While on galley duty at least 5 people just volunteered to help out (although I personally think that is down mainly to my ipod being the galley’s music system!).  I hope that continues!


I didn’t think I’d be able to get away from people on the boat, and maybe I won’t when we’re at sea, but at the moment, despite there being almost 50 people on board, finding a space to yourself is definitely possible (as long as you don’t make much noise as someone will always be able to hear you!!)  Up here on the fo’c’sle with the otter playing in the water behind me, and people milling around on deck I really feel I have my own space!


The Scullery dance while washing up!

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