18/04/2010 - lazy sunday

Average temp. 5ºC


I woke up with a surprisingly clear head, memories of attempted salsa dancing in the confines of the Zebroid batcave and previously undisclosed secrets meander their way into the breakfast conversation and are hazy to say the least, but since everyone was in the same state; no shame involved (or at least not much!).


A very relaxed day inside due to the bitter cold and continuous drizzle that made everything damp and permeated everything.  Topic of the day: the Gulf Stream and how when we entered it a week or so into the voyage the temp would increase by a number of degrees daily… apparently it is 30º in Panama.


Picton is not designed for the cold, the heating system is non-existent (basically it is our body heat!) and she has very little insulation, however we are all aware that we’ll be moaning about the heat soon enough! (and looking forward to being able to!)


A chilled out day was topped off by a dvd night on Zebroid (including popcorn!)  Yet again my speakers proved their worth and everyone retired early as there is sure to be work tomorrow and unfortunately the forecast indicates rain for pretty much all next week!


Quote of the day: Why are ships female? If you do everything right, they come first!


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