Average temp. 3ºC

For some reason everyone was up at sparrow’s this morning,… I think the fragrance of breakfast wafting down the stairs helped,.. we are now burning more calories than we are eating and I am looking forward to losing the love handles that have plagued me for the last few years!  This does however mean that meals have become competitive and arriving early is a must if you don’t want to miss out on the tastiest bits!


At morning muster this morning we were informed that our morning exercise was going to combine functionality and training; we were to use the windlass to raise the anchor from where it had lain for the last few days while the chain was cleaned and oiled,… my spotless foul weather jacket (now called a “fouly”) is no longer spotless and holy crap was it knackering!  10 people essentially acting out an intense aerobics lesson on an oversized see-saw for 20 mins!


The rest of the day was spent cleaning the warehouse, tarring, varnishing and tinting.  If anyone were to open up the roof of the warehouse I am sure we’d look like ants, everyone running around very busy, but with little obvious direction!


We have now swapped dove sensitive skin soap and moisturising shower gel for Ajax, and shampoo for Joy dishwashing liquid,…  Our hands are beginning to assume the texture and colour of a artist’s drip sheet and Jackson Pollock would be particularly proud of Fred’s multicoloured hands, although mine aren’t bad either!!  Our fingerprints have probably disappeared thanks to the abrasive cleaners and as for our nails,.. well, we have given up cleaning our nails.


The evening was spent with “Fred” (Mike’s new name due to the numerous “Mike’s on board – we have 5!) giving a lanyard workshop (the string that attaches your knife and spike to your rig) and he is now known as Prof. Fred, due to his dexterity with braids and knots,… I left early as the pub, and internet, was beckoning. On my return just after 10pm I found the batcave in darkness and everyone already in their bunks,.. the windlass had obviously done its job and exhausted everyone!


Nautical quote of the day:

“there are three ways to do things, the right way, the wrong way, and the ship’s way”


The windlass

Fred and Bob at work!

Chibley helping in the lanyard workshop

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