Average temp. 4ºC

Holy crap I’m knackered, today I have:

1)   Cleaned the head in the warehouse

2)   Scrubbed the anchor chain

3)   Practiced knots

4)   Cleaned the anchor hold

5)   De-rusted, wire-brushed and core-sealed various areas of the boat

6)   Had training on various areas of the Barque


All in, a pretty full day; my hands are black, my nails are filthy, various areas of me have been core-sealed and I am ready for a pint!!  And the same again tomorrow…

This is how the sea should be!!

Fred chain scrubbing

Scrubbing the chain locker

"Now this is a Barque"

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  1. Hey Liam!
    I just got the link to your blog and I am really fascinated by your decision.
    I will follow you during this time through your blog. Go Liam!