Average temp. 4ºC
It has only been a couple of days and I am already falling into a routine (bearing in mind we haven’t even started work yet!).  Nothing seems quite as daunting as it initially did.  I’ve showered once since I left the UK in a cold shower, getting used to wearing the same clothes over and over again, sleeping en masse, with the dulcet snores of my bunkmates to lull me to sleep and the “holding in” of bodily functions till the last minute or trying to go to the loo only on land to conserve water.
Every day more characters arrive and everyone is distinctive in their own special way,.. however, it is clear that some vetting did go on as all the trainees so far are friendly, adventurous and eager to start this voyage of a lifetime!
Last night a local pub had a quiz night and I am proud to say the trainee teams beat the tar out of the local populace and walked away with first, second and third prizes,… it was a good bonding experience and after a few beers everyone opened up and chatted like we were old friends!  A good international mix of people is beginning to form and we had a late arrival last night in the form of another Brit from Bristol,… finally someone with whom I could confound the North Americans with our britishisms, such as “kipping”, being “knackered”, having “a butchers” at something and wearing “trousers”!
Today we awoke to bright blue skies and as it was another free day today, Brad, myself and Joanna decided to make the most of the beautiful (yet chilly) spring weather and went exploring to the east of Lunenberg, not sure what to expect, we certainly didn’t expect to come across deer, the old fish factory and a lighthouse!,.. we spent a couple of hours exploring the area and came away with a heightened appreciation of the deer’s ability to speed through thick forests as we tried to pursue one we saw and ended up with wet feet and sore backs from bending over to avoid prickly branches!
After planning our voyage to Panama from the vantage point of the lighthouse (go that way, then turn right for 1000 miles!), skimming stones for 20 minutes and “spelunking” (throwing large rocks into the water – they make a “speeeluunk” sound!) we returned to find Zebroid at what can only be described as a “jaunty” angle… she had run out of water and been fully refilled.  Since her water tanks are only on one side and she has no other cargo or fuel, she was sitting at about a 35º angle! I feel I am about to fall onto my laptop as I write this!

Tomorrow, muster is at 7am as the Picton is being hauled out of the water and we have to all be there to help… first day of work… I have my work clothes (pristine at the moment) all ready,.. not quite sure what to expect!

Brad & Jo gazing wisfully in the direction of Panama

Lunenberg from the lighthouse
The 3 intrepid explorers
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