Average temp. 6ºC
The first night’s sleep was interrupted to say the best, there were strange noises coming from some of my bunkmates, and the snoring even permeated through the earplugs I had bought,.. but it was warm and comfortable,.. Unfortunately my body clock woke me at 3am and despite my best attempts to fall back to sleep at 6am I admitted defeat and decided to get up,.. a quick cold shower brought me out of my jet-lagged stupor and I decided to have a wander around the port. 
I could see the Picton Castle clearly for the first time without the fog and sleet, and despite the lack of sail and obviously under works, there was a certain regal character that was unmistakeable.  I began to imagine how she would look with her sails set forging her way through a cobalt sea with her wake spreading out behind her. I was brought out of my daydreams by something rubbing my leg,.. Miss Chibley was wet, cold and obviously needing some attention.  I had heard this cat was notorious for having a bit of a temperament, but she was obviously craving some human contact and followed me as I wandered up and down the quay, not wanting to go onto the Picton in case I woke someone up.
Breakfast was fairly simple,.. a non-work day so things were fairly relaxed, chatted with the cook Donald from Granada who didn’t seem phased in the slightest that he was going to be cooking for 60+ people in a galley of 3-4 square metres,.. so far all the meals had been fantastic!
The morning was spent buying yet more nautical bits and pieces, halyards, marlinspikes, ship knives and belts, this was beginning to be quite a costly little exercise!
My first view of The Picton Castle
Chibley keeping watch!
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