It appears the 1st day of spring has finally arrived in the UK and, sod’s law, I spend it on a train,.. The grey skies and perpetual drizzle has been replaced by vistas hat are archetypally English, little fluffy clouds float in a powder blue sky, felt-like grass that looks so green it could be in a swiss chocolate ad, rabbits sit contentedly in fields soaking up the sun evoking images of Watership Down,.. No! Scrap that, too depressing, more like Beatrix potter, I almost expect to see a (Jemima Puddleduck) goose waddle by in a little blue coat.  Cricket greens are laid out like giant neatly sewn emerald quilts in front of picturesque village churches, cats lying on car roofs, their bodies yawning as they stretch out to maximise their contact with the sun, I can almost hear them purring as we speed by..

But the countryside flies by too fast as the train rumbles awkwardly forward, jolting me back to reality,.. en route to Victoria station and Lunenberg!


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