Prologue Pt VIII

Finally received notification from Lloyds yesterday that my remortgage application had been pre-approved, but that they would need bank statements, payslips and a myriad of other documentation, and that only then would they officially approve it, which would take at least another month!!  Bastards!!  Was I na├»ve in thinking that a remortgage would take under 6 months?
Not content with ripping us off with scandalous bank charges and outrageous interest rates they have the nerve to lose paperwork, make unreasonable demands and basically mess us, the clients, around, I have lost thousands on the value of the pound alone!! Anyway, I digress, apologies for the rant, but it had to be said, now back to more nautical topics.

So I have had to find other financing means,.. but at least I know now where I stand and my preparations for the world voyage are in full swing.  On the recommendations of a doctor friend out here I went and spent a small fortune on various (normally prescription) drugs to ensure that any (and every) bug I could have picked up in Ghana can be well and truly dealt with in as short a time as possible… it would be sod’s law to suddenly come down with malaria or bilharzia as soon as I return to the northern hemisphere.

Both arms are presently dangling lazily at my sides thanks to multiple vaccinations,… when I was a kid I had a tetanus shot at least once every couple of months with my tendency to cut myself open at any opportunity (counted them: over 105 stitches and staples!!) , but since I matured (apparently that’s what’s happened to me) I find myself less and less likely to end up in casualty, and needed a booster.. Personally I think that just shows I’ve become a little less adventurous, sad really!

So my last 4 days in Ghana, passport: check, up to date exit visa: check, presents for people: check.. the countdown has really begun, and just as everything was coming together.  Excited about the next stage in a life that could only be described as random, should be fun!
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