Prologue Pt VII

Although it appears as though nothing is happening, preparation for the trip has begun in earnest.  I have already procured a pair of second hand heavy duty waterproof trousers to be picked up in the UK, and on looking through my clothes here have decided that I will probably just take everything I have (for those of you who know me, you know I don’t exactly spend a lot of time or money on clothes, so pretty much everything I own fits into 2 rather small bags!).

Despite the remortgage not having come through yet, (thanks Royal Mail for losing the first set of documents) going on the voyage is not in question. If need be I will beg, borrow and steal to get on the boat!
Obviously I hope it won’t come to that, and apparently my mortgage has been “pre-approved” so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all happens before the pound crashes even further into the abyss.  (In apparent freefall thanks to the f*ckwits presently running the country).

My flight to Spain leaves on the 8th March, barely 2 weeks away, and although I am in denial about leaving Africa and trying not to think too much about it, (I haven’t yet bought all the gifts I had intended to, visited some of the places I wanted to, and completed some of the tasks I set myself) everyone keeps mentioning my departure to me, and I am beginning to realize that before long I will have to leave my friends and adoptive country (yes, I applied for my Ghanaian identity card!) behind me and set out on a new stage of my life.

I received an update from Maggie yesterday regarding the Picton Castle and it looks like she will be fully overhauled before we get there in April, ready for the month of training before we set sail.  I’m looking forward to getting on board and meeting the other crewmembers, but I have to admit that I am not looking forward to the cold… I fear I have got too used to the 35 degree heat and sweltering humidity here in Africa. At least I have 2 weeks in Spain, and then the UK to acclimatize myself before encountering the freezing cold temperatures in Northern Canada (presently 1°C compared to 34°C here!),… roll on the southern hemisphere and warmth!!
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