Prologue Pt III


I have just received notice from two of the referees that I included on my application that they have spoken to Maggie,..  I decided to include David, a friend from my MBA in Spain and a subsequent employer in a school where I gave business development and public speaking classes, Steve, the amicable tenant in my flat in London, and Andy, probably one of my oldest friends and although a pain in the arse from time to time, probably one of the people who know me best!  Not sure what they’ll be looking for exactly, but I assume they asked about my ability to get on with people, if I’m resourceful and whether or not I will survive a year on a boat… David informed me he described me as an “alma mater” (which I had to look up!) meaning “Nourishing mother”… I think it was meant as a compliment since I organized a lot of parties and was famed for my barbecues in Barcelona, but since he’s given up drink for the last 3 weeks, he may just be being spiteful!  Fingers crossed.

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